Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Morning. woke up at 7.20am and rushed for classes in faculty. like no any other previous days, i went to classes by bus and ended up with no sweats as i arrived at the faculty. together with krol, gg and fakrul, headed to the class that we chose earlier.

there was no lecturer for the first class and currently im in the computer lab, waiting for lecturer to arrive here and say something. as there are no one showing up, i just turned the computer on and update this dead blog. quite a time i never went into this page started on the day i went to this new university. having lack of friends some kind make me bored tho.

i have nothing in mind to type more, and i just wish for a one single thing :


okay, out of the topic, bye.


  1. lama x update blog n no story since u get there bro..
    lack of friend? be patient hehe..
    notebook? hehe.. ask Mr. Burhanuddin can ma?

  2. yea lack of friends. im not sure mr burhanuddin gonna buy me a notebook unless i am mr zikri burhanuddin. lols