Sunday, November 29, 2009


8.30pm, went out with sushi and miejah to dine. maryam still stucked in the traffic jam maybe.. and naz already ate dinner. checked for the steamboat restaurant : closed. decided to head to megamall. at last we enjoyed some pizzas and spaghetti.

10.30pm, arrived at campus. tomorrow will hav 2 classes including drama class. yeah... thinkin of drama class biyan lingered into my mind. i think i didnt help much in making the script as what we decided before. pity biyan. bad me. huhuhu.. its okay tomorrow me gonna work for it with biyan. =)

and yeah... that hafazan. me didnt work anything on it yet. haha.
[ kau memang pemalas... ]

good luck drama group B TESL A .


wake up my friend...

10.15am, thats the time i woke up that morning. it was 2nd day of hajj eid. texted my friend, what time they will be comin to my place, and got a phone call reply said they were in front of my house already. - -"

from what i planned, going out with seini to visit fauzi as they said his condition now very critical ='( and go to any steakhouse nearby, treatin seini a meal is okay with me after so long never met him [ haku nak steak! ] go to pet shops nearby, spend some time at TER playing bowling and horse riding and shop some shirts but now its all went all wrong as syamil suggested us to come with them which resulted no steak and no back to home at eleventh hour. geez..

my mom asked mil, yo and iz came in took some breakfast and 'raya-ing' with us while waitin that seini to come. [ lambat like always! - -" ] before we left with seini, my mom gave rm10 each to my friends like she usually does. [ haku x dapat plak elaun tu. huhu! ] mil drove his dad's car heading to the hospital, amaturly. haha.. the car always stop here and there and he didnt even get use the clutch or somethin with car thingy so good tho. and all of us just laugh and teasing to how he handling with that car.

arrived at hospital, mil confidently drove the car into the place. we just laugh more and more as he didnt realise he just drove into the 'psychiatry' place. [ kite nak lawat sape yang xgler ni. huhuhu.. ] as we moved out from that place, searching for a nice spot to park, mil once again did something made us laugh. he just cut a red car park spot and we can see how angry the driver were. haha..

went to see fauzi in the wad, it was so scary to numerous 'wires' connected to his neck, nose and mouth, hands and all. he looked so yellow. it was hospital fault. pity him.. i always hate hospital. we prayed the best for him. :'(

be strong fauzi =')

went to mosque and got some lunch at A&W [ altho me want steaks so bad =( ] i spent so much in there with the burgers, curly fries and ice creams! haha..

we went back home so early at 4pm. no pet shop visit, no shirt shopping, no bowling or horse riding and no steak! sigh.. i swear ill think twice before i changed my plan after this. i knew if i go out with seini or chad alone like always we will get all that like how i wanted it to be. huhu.. at night, packing my belongings because tomorrow (today) ill be in uitm kuantan again.

we meet again room B301..

Friday, November 27, 2009

a fun but tiring day..

it was a very long tiring day until i laying down into my bed right now. i went East Coast Mall before heading to terminal bus to get some steak but all i got was KFC chickens.
we rushed to the terminal bus to catch for sushi's bus since it was only about 5 minutes left before the bus left sushi. altho we arrived couple of minutes earlier, the bus gone. poor sushi. at last, aizat nicely gave a help, offering sushi to join them ( he, his sis n cousin ). [ of coz after informing him about what really happened. ] haha..

at 3.30, we got on the bus at the Lane 4 altho the ticket shows to get the bus on Lane 5. silly system it keeps make me confused. watchin the haunting in connecticut with maryam and kept changing movies as the movies went slow and slow. haha.. at last made me sleepy and dreamt. the girl accompanied us in the way to kuala terengganu. its fun somehow altho she kept talking and talking unstoppably.

arrived at 10.30pm or so, went checkin if Ziq restaurant was still opened to get some steaks and the staff arranging chairs inside the restaurant and that means its closing. [ kecian ko afe.. ] :'(
went to 7eleven, bought a maggi ayam cup, ate with maryam [ panas2 woo.. ] and after some mins, maryam parents came and now left me alone on the bench there. bcoz of my stomach seemed still very hungry, i went to McD nearby, bought a Bubur Ayam McD with fries and of course a sundae. :P took a cab, went back homw. around 11.15, arrived home. 7 long hours in bus made me so damn tired..

[ citer Boys Over Flowers memang membuatkan aku nak makan bubur sentiasa! hik3.. ]

bye bye kuantan hello kuala terengganu. =)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

what will happen tomorrow...

its 2.26am, and now i finished packing. i cant believe i can put all my things into the bags... my room was like so damn messy when i was trying to figure out how to put all the things into the bags..

[ kau macam nak bawak bilik kau sekali afe! ] huhu..

the morning was not so great as i woke up because of the phone calls of Sushi ( or Adila ) asking if I checked my last semester result yet. me not satisfied with the damn result. so unexpected.. just wondering how will i answer when my friends asking me hows my result is. :'(

and yeah... in about less then 4 hours me will be goin to kuantan with my parents and my lil sis. i just thinking how will my friends react as they see my new hair.

[ i cut my hair bald in the 3rd day of the long holidays weeks ago. and now my hair still this long " ----- " !! ] my gosh...

i wont cut my hair if nobody accused me dyed my hair brown. sigh.
" ko dye rambut ke ??? " , " ape nak jadi ngan budak skul agama sorang ni!! " , " oi da pandai kaler rambut eh ko! "

gosh... me never colored my hair silly! :'( when me at school, sometimes my hair became very brownish in color, no one even talk about that. even my younger brother have a lighter brown hair than me!!! stop accusing me dude! its in my gene! me just dont like people saying me forgot what i learnt from my previous school : the ethics muslim should follow.
started from the day me 'bald', i put the olive oil and the green oil onto my hair, ( my mom advice ) to make my hair grow faster and become DARKER!!! since the description at the oils' bottle says : use continuously to have a shiny, healthy hair.

and now my hair look real darker. i bet no one will accuse me dying my hair anymore. at least not for some time..

good night.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

the thing

it was kind of a bit early to me to get up that day. at around 6am or so, i opened my eyes as i woke up to start my day with subuh prayer. lazily, while my eyes opened widely, me turned my body left facing the white wardrobe. i was thinkin of praying subuh a bit more later some minutes since i always get up everyday at 6.30am or so. [ ko memang pemalas afe! ] suddenly somtin succeeded changed my mood..


i heard a strong whisper behind my right ear. my eyes were all turned round! gosh! what was that!! me just made myself still, not makin any gestures, my heart just like would explode any single second at that time. i stared to the dark brownish wooden door if it was my sis or my mom just toying me around at this time. ( my mom always do the same stuff like what my sis did, just to tease us! haha ) but i saw nothing. i can see there was no light at the dining switched on from the tiny spaces below the door. i was scare like hell! then i turned back to see 'who' whispered me just now, there was just wall and i almost hit my head to the wall coz of the wall just too near to my forehead. where was that thing! ( of coz i would rather to see wall than see other 'thing' )

my heart was like to explode any of that time. and i came to recite some surahs lingered into my mind. later, i just got up and walk straightaway to the washroom to wash my face and perfoming prayer. after that, without thinking anything more, i went back to sleep! ( like always... haha )

( balih is a nickname of me at home, it supposed to be "abang aliff" (brother aliff) to be called among my family. from abang aliff became bang liff then became baaaaalifff and resulted balihhhhh till now. haha.. evolution of name. )

when i woke up at the middle of the morning i forgot what happened to me and just did stuffs normally, watching HBO,star movies and AXN, texting messages, playing games and others.. until the night while me YMing maryam, it came to me to tell her what happened to me that morning as we did do some chat about ghost movies [ i guess ]. maryam went slept as she listened to my story. i always knew it will scare her 100times it scared me. ( haha! ) Plus, it was around 1.30 in the morning. it spooked me too tho! it was so creepy when it happened to me for the first time. i cant believe my ears.. then i just slept, forgot to turn off the notebook. haha..

start from tomorrow i only have less than 4 days to register for my second semester.. me not prepared anything yet like always.. ill do so sooner! [ i hope.. ] haha..

rase cam nk type in english. sbb tu post ni in english. hek3.. n the word 'saye' in my older posts nampak mcm sgt skema and sgt baek. me better change it. haha.. thinkin of tulis in both language. no one gonna read jugak.. haha. as long as me feel great its okay. *peace*

p/s : mcm citer the whisperers la plak yang happened smalam tuh. hak3..
: jap lagi ade supernatural. yeah!!! :P

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

feeling empty

kosong je blog nih. haha.. time nak tulis kawan masuk bilik plak kacau2. xbesh lak nak taip. last2, time pose, time raye, time cuti sem pun semua x tulis. hehehe..

time tuh malam, lam bilik. xde nak watpe bkak ah page ni.. taip2 sket2, masuk plak kwn ni sorang ( sambil intai saye tgh buat ape. ) haha.. dengan gelabahnye saye tutop browser nih. mane tak nye xnak bagi diorang tau baru start buat blog. mesti kne gelak punye ngan diorang. ha3.. dia dengan slambernye cakap, "kau buat ape?" n jawab la.. "xde pape" dengan kool nye. hik3..

esoknye dia kate dia ada blog, ckp " try ah bace tengok." haha.. pas tengok saye ade blog trus wat blog! hak3.. mcm2 la dia nih.. copycat! :P

and start time tu la da x update2 lagi blog ini... cian dia. ( blog ini ) hi3..

.: saye sbnanye xtau nak tulis ape kat blog nih. hahaha.. :.