Tuesday, January 26, 2010

what if

what if..
someone finds myself been killed in 2 days later?
what if i face an accident in a day later ?
what if i lost all my friends in less than a day ?
what if something happen to my family in 30 minutes later ?
what if my mom's condition is becoming worst in 15 minutes later?

one thing for sure : no one cares. except me, myself.

yeah, anything bad can even happen to anyone in any single moment. as the 'says' goes, anything uttered by you is a pray. and yeah, i don't want any bad things ever happen to my family, and my mom the most important. but no one can even fight the force of nature that have been decided by the One at the "Luh Mah Fuz". BUT things can change. He is not that evil that lets His beloved people suffer. anything fated still can be changed. everything can change by just a simple pray and of course with effort. be strong. =)

what if.. i can know if people behaving fake towards me ?
what if.. i say im able to know if people say bad things about me although i didnt hear it with my ears ?

if anything happens, comes with reasons, means ones did a thing also accompanied with reasons. if that happens to anyone, theres comes with reasons. just that, to me if someone ever said something bad behind my back, planning something bad behind my back it is really dire to me. just a line lingered in my mind, "am i that bad to be threatened like that?"

yeah i might say sometimes i do that too. but thats really 'sometimes' and when it hurts me so much. i just always put myself in the person's shoe if that happens to me, then i just let it go. unless it continuously hurting me, i might express my feelings ONLY to the persons i close with. i still wont spread the thing to the whole world so people will know the story. i might think of others too much rather than me myself ?

its easy to forgive. as easy as ABC. so do ask for an apology. uhm, but do people know if someone apologies to someone without mentioning about what they were doing, the conditions are just still the same? that just what i knew, that is what i learned and that is what i hold. sometimes we hardly understand people, sometimes people hardly understand us. but most of the times, people hardly to understand me. and normally, most of the times people talks bad about me. kool heh ?

i dont know why did i write this here. just feels to type this as something happens to jump onto my face again, and just the same feelings i feel as i felt before. just a thing i bear in mind, theres must be something i might seem bad in people's eye. but i dont think it is fair enough to punish a person by doing things without the person knows what does he did wrong. im not a good friend right ? thats the reasons why they chose to do that eh ? i might be a dreadful person. im sorry.

and again, something im not sure... do my mom think i am an awful son ? i am not a good child after while.

what if..
i die in my sleep tonight. will people remember me as a fine boy ? or yet an awful person..?

i think i know the answer. thank you people.


  1. just try to be the best alif...no one is perfect right...sentiasa la ingat kepada allah s.w.t...

  2. to hell with what people say bout u (eleh, mcm r aliff x penah kate org pun? haha)
    juz b yaself ok?
    Juz so u know, i do care bout u k? open up ur eyes n c..................
    btw, juz notice tat all ur followers r gals xcept joe. wow! why was tat? XD
    'attractive' betul blogger ni ye. hahas! (:

  3. sorry if ak ad wat ko trase or smtin.

    btw, you're a good friend.

    and if you die in your sleep tonight,

    i'll remember you as an ANNOYING person..hua3

    but im GLAD that i met you..

    oh, and i think your mom loves you :)

    To HeatherZ d atas, aliff itu sdar die

    mempunyai rmai peminat.kui3

  4. triple thanks. followers. itu biasa. ntah baca ntah x. kan ? xde kne mngene ngan pminat pn la zda. haha.. n mayam, ak da bnyk kli ckp ngn korang x pnah ak trase lgsung. ntah ni da kali ke brapa pn xtaw. haha..