Saturday, January 30, 2010


not really a kool day. went to IPBA and UiTM Shah Alam met the TESL assasians there. meeting the TESL students in UiTM Shah Alam was nice. they are some kind of friendly and so damn good english they're using.

well, nothin really interesting, until the short hour spending time at the Sunway Pyramid. It was fun, together with my best buddies in uitm; naz, syaz, aizat, maryam, dila, miejah, bell, noreen and mirah. feel just like reunite again just like the first sem, with the accompaniment of all dla, miejah and naz together. kool. had a pretty nice moments, although it just too short. guys, its good to have our group back. naz! im right eh ?? haha. let bygones be bygones.

to dauh, hey thanks for the post, just dumped into the page, 'follow' clicking and read the new post. i thought only me just felt that way, so do you. the post means a lot to me, so do the photos. remind me the sweetest memories i had before joining this 2nd sem. yesterdays were better.

" good girls gone bad, friends killing on each other and more "
the 4th line of dauh's post.

thats so true. so damn true. the second sentence after the comma, thats jumps onto my face right now. kool eh ?

thanks a lot to the pretenders and the back talkers. have a smile on your day.


  1. it's not a fun day for me~
    but it's cool that we get to see abg Naim.Huhu ;D