Friday, February 26, 2010


Yesterday was great, this morning was wonderful.

Ystrdy we had a dinner at ms garden, for our last sem with only some law students attended, although it wasnt that perfect as i expected, it was great. So cute. Syaz, Aizat n I were in Ms Garden stayed there with others. Wearin blak shrt instd of da green one we bought togethr, others told me it was great except dla n myam. Haha.. Walkin n pretndin like models in the way to trun lif was so kool. Haha. My stomach a bit full with steaks n lasagna n left rice there uneaten. Haha. Like dream cme true, byan sang us 2 songs like wat i wishd for. It was so damn sweet. Lv u byan. Went back to 109 n trun blik mkn at 2am. Kool tho! Supose towatc mvie, bt alr late for mvies. That mornin, i ate brkfast wth hanan n naz. The spagetti was like heavn. Ful tho! Sdap sgt.

Then mdm lailis clas. It ofcly was da last day for tesl class. At ths time, memorble mmnt of us hppnd, farz startd to gv a speech n apologzd to all. Abyan sang us a song. Tears were comin out from all. I thnk im the one who most late to cry. Haha.. Some of us said somtin n it were so sweet.. At last, boys sang a song to everyone. Kau pergi strtd by alf n kme flwd by evry guys gv out me a burst of tears. Dont know why, at that moment i felt somtin dif, like we wont be together again like all these tmes. I realsed i lv my tesl group so much. So damn much. Guys, altho im not realy into group, n somtims or always felt like been ignorin n invisible if theyre doin somtin together it wont includin me. Bt, i realised one thin, i cant smile living here wthout the presence of u guys. Never felt like ths bfore even in schools. Tesl a, u guys rocks. Wont forget any single each moment together. =')

for you both, thanks a lot to forgive each other.

( this post suppose to be posted yesterday, but i left it in draft in my nokia message. :P )

p/s : unedited straight from nokia. ( sbb tu bhase pn gune bhse sms. haha.. )


  1. dinner was great ^ ^
    bakpa la mu dop pkai baju ijau tu = =
    ow n i sriusli think yg tesl a is d sweetest group :)

  2. i love you too aliff :)

  3. aish aliff neh..
    its 'pergi' not 'kau pergi'.
    neway love u!

  4. mayam : huhu..
    abyan : =)
    bella : saloh skali skale. hu3.. =)