Thursday, April 8, 2010


hile checking my facebook page, i accidentally jumped to a page of someone as I wanted to read a friend's comment. i don't know the person and so do the page owner towards me. the person just a stranger. dont't know why, i feel like clicking a link there. a blog. the person's blog link. "I Love Myself". thats the title there in the post. i read, and i don't know what influenced me to read. i just wanna read it. the post really gave me this feeling. sorrow. really sad. it says there his life will end in any time. he suffers from disease that he had since standard 4, and now its getting worst. he can't no longer having treatment named 'kemo' because he is really do in pain. he upon apology to his friends and all and that was real sad.

"You guys will always in my heart either im still here or not . Please dont be sad Please dont forget Please enjoy your life . You live once and enjoy it with things that rigth and spend you time every hour minute second with the one you love . Cause when they gone you'll regret you didnt give the best you can for them . Remember to all My Beloved friends Theres no Shortcut for Happiness ."
-an extract from the stranger's post-

The post somehow gave me a thought. realizing something. whatever happens in real life, whoever i am, just smile, and always be happy. enjoy life until the last breath on earth. when the moment comes, i will be the happiest person on earth. no reason to be sad. be happy and makes people happy. always smile and makes people smile. =)

p/s : hey dude the stranger, i don't know you will be reading this or not, just want to say, not only you love yourself, your friends do too. you will always be in their hearts. be strong! =)


  1. so inspiring! always be happy aliff :)

    ehem, from a loyal reader :P

  2. not happy at all miss loyal reader. :(

  3. well, miss loyal reader is also unhappy :(

    because her mother is upset