Tuesday, April 27, 2010

my first tag

I actually have no idea what 'blog tag' is until today, my cute little friend, hanan sofea tagged me on her blog page. ill complete this task! ( task? ) haha.. 3...2...1...begin!

1) pe yg anda akan buat klu member tikam blakang anda?
just.. stay silent? not doing anything i guess.. pretend like nothin ever happened. as long as he or she feels happy, i still can pretend to smile to him. =)

2) 6 org di hati anda?
6 people that i love ?
1. my mom
2. my dad
3. my siblings
5. my best friends in uitm kuantan
6. my old bestfriends ; husaini, arshad, syamil, salam and all my friends. =)

3) anda rasa anda comel?
nah.. never.. i dont think so.. not even a chance

4) single or taken?

5) blog yg anda suka?
1. abg ayen's blog, also the first blog i ever read.
2. amer's blog
3. maryam's and abyan's blog
4. my teslian friends' blog

6) adakah bilik anda kemas setiap hari?
not really.. sometimes it is tidy. :P

7) lagu terakhir yg anda dgr ?
Telephone by Lady GaGa and Beyonce
its on fly fm right now

8) last text msg ?
( asking about her new job and her friend offered the same job to me too. haha.. )

9) last fon call?
bank islam
( weird answer eh ? i know. haha.. )

10) ari terakhir anda nangis?
the very last day i'm with TESL A

11) list 5 warna kegemaran?
in these days, i started to like purple, i dont know why..

12) org terakhir anda ber YM ?
zuhdi the hamster
( haha.. )

13)game yg plg anda suka?
GoonZu Online a.k.a Luminary Online. it have been 4 years or so i'm playing this game. try!

14) adakah anda peminat MCR?
not a fan. just like some of their songs.

15) ape prasaan anda bila jwb tag ni?
i don't know what kind of feeling is this ? haha..

16) anda rase tag ini best?
its kool. never been tagged tho. lame eh ? thats me. =)

17) okey tag lagi 10 org?
1. maryam
2. bell
3. nabil amira
4. asyraf tesl C
5. nini
6. zura ( i just knew she got a blog ) heheh
7. zieda
8. wanted to tagged abyan but she's already been tagged
9. so do biela, already been tagged
10. amer reza


p/s : just realized it was quite awhile since my last post. haha.. its okay, no one ever wants to read this tho.. =)