Saturday, November 14, 2009

what will happen tomorrow...

its 2.26am, and now i finished packing. i cant believe i can put all my things into the bags... my room was like so damn messy when i was trying to figure out how to put all the things into the bags..

[ kau macam nak bawak bilik kau sekali afe! ] huhu..

the morning was not so great as i woke up because of the phone calls of Sushi ( or Adila ) asking if I checked my last semester result yet. me not satisfied with the damn result. so unexpected.. just wondering how will i answer when my friends asking me hows my result is. :'(

and yeah... in about less then 4 hours me will be goin to kuantan with my parents and my lil sis. i just thinking how will my friends react as they see my new hair.

[ i cut my hair bald in the 3rd day of the long holidays weeks ago. and now my hair still this long " ----- " !! ] my gosh...

i wont cut my hair if nobody accused me dyed my hair brown. sigh.
" ko dye rambut ke ??? " , " ape nak jadi ngan budak skul agama sorang ni!! " , " oi da pandai kaler rambut eh ko! "

gosh... me never colored my hair silly! :'( when me at school, sometimes my hair became very brownish in color, no one even talk about that. even my younger brother have a lighter brown hair than me!!! stop accusing me dude! its in my gene! me just dont like people saying me forgot what i learnt from my previous school : the ethics muslim should follow.
started from the day me 'bald', i put the olive oil and the green oil onto my hair, ( my mom advice ) to make my hair grow faster and become DARKER!!! since the description at the oils' bottle says : use continuously to have a shiny, healthy hair.

and now my hair look real darker. i bet no one will accuse me dying my hair anymore. at least not for some time..

good night.


  1. You should be honored, you know, because, your hair is not like everyone's . I think it is nice that your hair looks a little brownish !

    Btw, me and Dila already saw your new hair hee hee, plus Mijah said 'Alif nampak hensem and ganas' ! mhaha ;)

  2. Ntah Alif! Be proud of your GORGEOUS hair,baby! :D Bukan semua ada rambut macam tu oke! You're special! :)

  3. haha... u sure u think its nice? if it is no one would comment on it..
    btw.. thx friends.. :')

  4. Alif! memang lawa la bilik! swius! whiteee~

  5. laaaa..suke tgk rmbut aliff yg brownish3 tuh.
    cam mat saleh lah!
    [lmbt sket reaction.hahaa]

  6. thx bella. haku ttp seorang melayu.. [i guess..] haha.. =)

  7. erh.aliff bukan org melayu ker?
    mat salleh celop ker?
    nak chop boleh
    hahaa ;p

  8. bapak besar messy..hihihihii