Sunday, November 29, 2009

wake up my friend...

10.15am, thats the time i woke up that morning. it was 2nd day of hajj eid. texted my friend, what time they will be comin to my place, and got a phone call reply said they were in front of my house already. - -"

from what i planned, going out with seini to visit fauzi as they said his condition now very critical ='( and go to any steakhouse nearby, treatin seini a meal is okay with me after so long never met him [ haku nak steak! ] go to pet shops nearby, spend some time at TER playing bowling and horse riding and shop some shirts but now its all went all wrong as syamil suggested us to come with them which resulted no steak and no back to home at eleventh hour. geez..

my mom asked mil, yo and iz came in took some breakfast and 'raya-ing' with us while waitin that seini to come. [ lambat like always! - -" ] before we left with seini, my mom gave rm10 each to my friends like she usually does. [ haku x dapat plak elaun tu. huhu! ] mil drove his dad's car heading to the hospital, amaturly. haha.. the car always stop here and there and he didnt even get use the clutch or somethin with car thingy so good tho. and all of us just laugh and teasing to how he handling with that car.

arrived at hospital, mil confidently drove the car into the place. we just laugh more and more as he didnt realise he just drove into the 'psychiatry' place. [ kite nak lawat sape yang xgler ni. huhuhu.. ] as we moved out from that place, searching for a nice spot to park, mil once again did something made us laugh. he just cut a red car park spot and we can see how angry the driver were. haha..

went to see fauzi in the wad, it was so scary to numerous 'wires' connected to his neck, nose and mouth, hands and all. he looked so yellow. it was hospital fault. pity him.. i always hate hospital. we prayed the best for him. :'(

be strong fauzi =')

went to mosque and got some lunch at A&W [ altho me want steaks so bad =( ] i spent so much in there with the burgers, curly fries and ice creams! haha..

we went back home so early at 4pm. no pet shop visit, no shirt shopping, no bowling or horse riding and no steak! sigh.. i swear ill think twice before i changed my plan after this. i knew if i go out with seini or chad alone like always we will get all that like how i wanted it to be. huhu.. at night, packing my belongings because tomorrow (today) ill be in uitm kuantan again.

we meet again room B301..


  1. nice pic. lol.

    Fauzi,, u told me about him.. hope he will get better.Amin.. :)

  2. i didnt tell anythin about fauzi yet to anyone. - -"

  3. ehh.. but u told me.. u said yg die ad mix korea or smtin lik kn kn???

  4. no.. that was ifan. ifan still alive. fauzi was another guy. =')