Friday, November 27, 2009

a fun but tiring day..

it was a very long tiring day until i laying down into my bed right now. i went East Coast Mall before heading to terminal bus to get some steak but all i got was KFC chickens.
we rushed to the terminal bus to catch for sushi's bus since it was only about 5 minutes left before the bus left sushi. altho we arrived couple of minutes earlier, the bus gone. poor sushi. at last, aizat nicely gave a help, offering sushi to join them ( he, his sis n cousin ). [ of coz after informing him about what really happened. ] haha..

at 3.30, we got on the bus at the Lane 4 altho the ticket shows to get the bus on Lane 5. silly system it keeps make me confused. watchin the haunting in connecticut with maryam and kept changing movies as the movies went slow and slow. haha.. at last made me sleepy and dreamt. the girl accompanied us in the way to kuala terengganu. its fun somehow altho she kept talking and talking unstoppably.

arrived at 10.30pm or so, went checkin if Ziq restaurant was still opened to get some steaks and the staff arranging chairs inside the restaurant and that means its closing. [ kecian ko afe.. ] :'(
went to 7eleven, bought a maggi ayam cup, ate with maryam [ panas2 woo.. ] and after some mins, maryam parents came and now left me alone on the bench there. bcoz of my stomach seemed still very hungry, i went to McD nearby, bought a Bubur Ayam McD with fries and of course a sundae. :P took a cab, went back homw. around 11.15, arrived home. 7 long hours in bus made me so damn tired..

[ citer Boys Over Flowers memang membuatkan aku nak makan bubur sentiasa! hik3.. ]

bye bye kuantan hello kuala terengganu. =)


  1. hot cup maggi instead of black pepper steak.ciann aliff.. kah3 ;D

  2. woh!.
    what an adventure here.hahhaa
    [being sarcastic ;p]

  3. haha cian my own me =(
    very2 adventurous! weeee. hak3

  4. i can't remember da sjak bile alif ngidam steak tue... a long long time ago... lol!