Sunday, November 29, 2009


8.30pm, went out with sushi and miejah to dine. maryam still stucked in the traffic jam maybe.. and naz already ate dinner. checked for the steamboat restaurant : closed. decided to head to megamall. at last we enjoyed some pizzas and spaghetti.

10.30pm, arrived at campus. tomorrow will hav 2 classes including drama class. yeah... thinkin of drama class biyan lingered into my mind. i think i didnt help much in making the script as what we decided before. pity biyan. bad me. huhuhu.. its okay tomorrow me gonna work for it with biyan. =)

and yeah... that hafazan. me didnt work anything on it yet. haha.
[ kau memang pemalas... ]

good luck drama group B TESL A .