Wednesday, December 9, 2009


the night class of islamic studies 2 really turned my face all red. because of not remembering the surah we need to memorize for the given time, i got like a 'punch' from ustaz that sounds like ''this stupid kid didnt remember a thing" ( of coz he didnt say that, it just me thinkin that way )

me just memorized the half of the whole page we need to remember, means i failed then. [ you really do stupid afe ]

its good not all of them know im from smka i guess. i think it might true when people say, you dont look like a smka student. i think me not deserve to be called one of them tho. memalukan nama skolah agama je!

not feeling good. i really hope me learnt from this mistake. again i mean.

me sux..

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  1. Alif just neves je tu..

    Don't feel bad oke?

  2. betul tu! dengar ckap mami byan! XD

  3. my bad x ingat full ayat..
    thx guys. =)