Thursday, December 31, 2009

the year, the blog

31 dec 2009.

means that its the last day of the year. i dont know how i feel. so many things happened to me in this year. for me, the things are just more to not good things. maybe i can count the good things happened to me. one of the bad 'thing' happened to me in this year is i faced an accident with a car in a couple of days before my birthday. my birthday gifts are scares on my hands and all.. pathetic eh?
[ cian ko.. makin x encem ko yang mmg x encem tu dah.. haha.. ]
and yeah one of the reason i didnt update this blog is none of good things happened to me lately.. i dont think i want myself read only bad things happened to me in the 'past' when i read this posts back years after. haha.. [ pape la afe.. ]

this blog.. i just made for myself to read again and remember what happened to me. since ive no diary and it just because i think im too lazy for having that thing, and i guess these posts can function the way as diary does, i can memorize back what happened to me before. plus, no one should know who is that 'kash|afe' since i didnt mean to make this posts for public
[ sbb tu ak x letak nama sbna dlm ni. huhu.. ]
well, now some of my friends do know about this blog. haha..

about kash afe; kash is just the name of one of the cartoonists i like and that name kinda kool anyway. and afe, once people used to call me that. it used to be my nickname. ( for several persons ) and i kinda like it. but now, no one do nick me with that. i still remember, my friends used to call me with only a single nick that is, 'cat' at school. neko, kucing, kittun or anything that symbolizes a cat. because i like cats very much ? i guess..
[ or sbb asal nampak kucin je aku yang pegi kaco dulu kucin tu? huhu ]

and yeah talk about cats, this evening an armed-long-sized cat happened to meet me before i went out to beach. i thought it was a wild huge cat but it was very tame. kool tho. ill get it into my room if i see him again. haha..

its the last day of the year, and all i do here is write about this blog. not connected at all. maybe because in this year i created my own first blog?
[ x habis2 mngarut ko ni afe.. ]

whatever it is.. happy new year and i wish 2010 is a better year for me and for everyone.

2010.. here i come..


  1. cat-lover? that is good compared to me...

    you can create another blog 4 this new year.private one and u can write anything u want. ;)

  2. every year new blog ? ill consider that. uhuu..

  3. not every year la, just ds year .. = =