Friday, December 4, 2009

a great day

The Show from Lenka. thats the song my wmp chose for me to listen from the list now while waitin my instant porridge ready. alone. this song made me turn back to remember the MMS week on the first week arrived in uitm.

[ time tu la aku baru dnga lagu besh ni and macam satu kemestian ade lagu ni lam gadget bebudak uitm kuantan time tu. haha.. ]

yesterday was a kool day for me although i thought it would be a dull day since sushi and mijah didnt join us. but the fact is yesterday really made me feel so great. woke up a bit 'early' as naz's phone kept ringing at 9am or so. - -" decided to go out with maryam at 3pm but went out at 2.45pm with aizat and syaz accompanied us watching movies. naz just decided to join us after we watched movies. at first maryam wanted to watch RAIN in the ninja assassin at ECM, at last we watched at megamall. i didnt know why its hard to made decision where to watch movies for her. - -" [ pape la maryam weh.. ] need to wait maryam to buy a burger in KFC, met dauh, ira and joe there. watchin ninja assassin together with dauh and ira, joe went back coz we decided just watch the movies in megamall. i guess... the movie is real great. blood and cuts here and there. haha.. everythin was great except the staffs didnt hand me the hotdog while watchin it. geez.

went to mcd to eat some porridge. [ bubur ayam mcd! hak2.. ] syaz and aizat thought me and maryam asked them to buy the meals and eat at some other place made me and maryam need to wait the appearance of em at the bench near popular. [ diorang naik atas kat gsc nak bagi foods tu. haha.. cian. ] while enjoying the meals in the mcd, naz came to us. talked about many things and also expressed the feelings what happened to the TPI class before. yea the day before made me so depressed. something happened that made me so mad. thanks to my friend who supported me and thanks also to who were in 'his' side too. - -" [ sesape je la ]

went to F.O.S there, now it seemed like 4 guys and a girl when naz joined us just like Boys Over Flowers. haha.. checkin some shirts which tagged with a price of RM30 each. so damn expensive.. headed to ecm to watch new moon, but stopped at the megamall's entrance. there was a pair of angel-like 'statue' or something. spent some time snapped some photos there. me looked terrible in the photos like always.. haha.

on the way to ecm, they just acted like the bodyguards of maryam. it was fun although me just ignored whatever they doing. haha.. stopped to do maghrib prayer. a very cute child's voice made me smiled when we were praying as he kept reciting the surahs and all so loud. i didnt think its annoying but so cute since it just a little boy that didnt know a thing. haha.. we moved to ecm in the heavy rain and watched new moon together.

around 10pm, we headed to campus, i stopped at the 7eleven nearby to withdraw some cash and bought some foods. i just thought they just left me behind and i just kept walking through the hotel ms garden by myself, alone. in the hotel's lobby, they appeared. they just tried to tease me to leave me alone. - -" haha..

we walked in the heavy rain towards the campus. it was like we were playin with the drops of the rains till we got all wet. maryam kept saying "better took a cab!" altho it was her idea to walk to campus. haha.. arrived in uitm with completely soaked in rains. now, maryam really got her 'RAIN' now. [ haha.. ] it was extremely cold.

it was fun... =)


  1. It was a fun day :)

    ninja assasin mmg beshh..

    n dt nite, i def. got my "rain" ..too much rain


  2. yeah. and too much 'hormone reaction' for u. hak3