Tuesday, December 8, 2009

the text message

that day, nothin special happened to me. it was a dull, common day for me as me myself not even in the mood of happy or unhappy. until my mobile phone vibrated, made a signal of receiving a text message. i opened it ;

"it was the first time we walked together..
nice, wasn't it.
but it was nicer when u gave me that gift, a smile.
tomorrow, or sooner when i no longer can walk,
i want you to be the only one who accompany me.
at this moment, i cannot call upon your name anymore like i used to.
only you should come to me.
too, at this moment i want one more gift from you.
but this time, not your smile anymore.
i want a recite of Al-Fatihah from you.
because i no longer can do that by my own.
and when there are people placing me below the long stiff planks,
promise me, don't you ever cry.
because i can't call upon your name, anymore.."

what happened next.. no one should know other than me.

p/s : it supposed to be in malay language, but i translate it into English. no wonder errors are everywhere..

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