Friday, June 25, 2010

bye bye

8 hours in a red, huge bus sometimes made me sick. had a journey to kl again, but this time by SANI express bus. i sat beside a big guy ( - -' ) that talked so much, loudly while his phone was ringing. very annoying. the bus went slow and steady, not as fast as i wanted. my mom forgot to bring my 'larrie' shoe home, so i just wore sandals in the bus. since i just wore a pair of sandals, i was freezing to death in the couch. kept moving my legs and body all around while everyones sleeping. snores were everywhere. ( =.=" ) arrived at pwtc on 4.59am, paid a taxi for rm25 to get home as im lazy to wait the lrt counter that only open on 6am or later, i arrived faster and cozier. and went to sleep as i jumped into my dad's room. goodnight.

started today, ill have a new journey, as a degree student in uitm shah alam. im just a step closer to get to work, just like my friend, amir texted me while im in bus ;

"U are one step closer to get a degree,
One step closer to get married, ( - -' )
One step closer to get to work,
Which is 4 years from now, haha"

bye bye terengganu. hi kl. and hi my degree life.


  1. haha~ married?
    amir is so ____
    well, u r closed enough to all that things
    mcm bijat ckp, jaga diri kat tmpat owg hehe..

  2. aman : haha.. maybe la kot. eheh.. jage dri la nih. huuu..
    bayam : mmg slalu dikasihani si aliff ni. ha3..

  3. aliff! we'll meet there.. ^^

  4. yeah! reunion!! ( o.o?? ) hahaha