Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Early in the morning, ( only if you consider 9.15am is early. lols )
i woke up to go back to Kuantan from this KL city with Husaini. we had a breakfast at McD and straightaway to the terminal bus. arrived there on 10.25, and amazingly, the bus already left me as i arrived there ( -.-" !!! ). the bus supposed to move at 10.30 but it moved earlier. i was some kind of worried and mad to the S.P. Bumi Bus Team and met the workers there. i wanted to talk to his Manager as they started the journey 5 minutes earlier then the time stated on the ticket. and hell yes, they must pay for the wrong. but, the guy is just too nice ( maybe ) and willing to let me onto his grizzled scooter and chased the bus. yea, chase! i just agreed without telling them that i want to see his manager. ( i didnt want to waste more time for sure ) then the chasing part started. it was kool somehow on a motorcycle with the bags and all and racing with millions of vehicles around chasing a single silly bus. ( lols ) at last, we succeeded. yay! ( =.=' '=.= )

( what a morning. -.-' ergh?! )

in the afternoon, while sleeping on the way to kuantan, i was awoken by a silly voice asking me to switch bus. i have no idea why i need to do so but i just did what he asked. kacau haku tido je la pacik!

( what an afternoon. =.= )

and.. i arrived at kuantan. bought a ticket to terengganu timed 5pm. i didnt plan to tell bell that im in kuantan as i think ill be here very shortly and dont want to disturb her because i was only about to buy some books at Popular Bookstore, and it turned into a window shopping in ECM. heheh.. as the time passed by, i missed my bus to terengganu as i realised the time was 5.05pm when i was in ECM. ( urgh! )

( what an evenin. +.+ )

sharp on 6.25pm, i arrived at the kuantan terminal bus and wanna buy a ticket to Terengganu. i asked the old man at the bus counter when is the next bus to Terengganu for today and he said, "now." i nodded and paid. ( - -' ) i got into the bus and started the journey to Terengganu. the bus stopped at almost 10 places for no reasons! ( or i just dont know the reasons ) that didnt count the stops to let the passengers go to toilet and spend some pennies. amazing! ( -.= ' ) that made my journey became a 5 and a half hours journey from kuantan to Terengganu.
i was charged another rm23 to get home by a taxi. what a price. ( thats included a discount of rm2 after telling the driver i only have rm23 and it supposed to be rm25. lols. went home, and i got a free lecture from my mom as i arrived home very late. im damn tired and just went to sleep.

(what a night.. ~.~ )



  1. horrid day,,,asyik kne tggal bas je -.-

  2. yeah. SP BUM* = blacklisted! TRANSNAS*ONAL = blacklisted! >.<