Thursday, June 3, 2010

something for you

I have something here to give to anyone. yea anyone. it might be you. its a gift.
( this idea lingered into my mind from nowhere just now. lol )
the thing is :

an amount of RM111.11 will be given to someone that answer my question correctly, accurately by me! why? i dont know, and this is just for fun. why '111.11' ? i also have no idea! haha.. well, although this is just for fun, the prize there isnt a scam. im seriously serious. :P

and the question is.................

what is my favourite food and drink?

( i sent the correct answer into someone's facebook inbox and i asked her not to delete that )

thats it. answer it right in the comment column there. not so much people will be reading this tho and im quite sure the gift will be mine again. and im also quite sure no one will be commenting this post like before. hahaha.. whatever it is... let's waste some money,

let's do it! :P


  1. hmm, pizza n watermelon juice?? ehehehe. i`m for the money~~ hhehehehe

  2. asyraf ader chance 2...hihihihi...nak try gak ah...
    hum...ape eh...kenny rogers....mocha!

  3. salah. black pepper steak ngan soursoup juice. :P

  4. mknn tu bleh lg nk air tu konpem ak xleh jwb -.-

  5. haha. means korang x knal sape si aliff ni lagi sbnanye. ha3..

  6. ye lahh tu..alip ko taw x my fav food n drink??
    klu x taw, hang pn x knal siapa maryam yg sbenanye..hua3...hmpf